Skrivet den 2019/08/28

I oktober har jag den äran att få föreläsa kring träningsbranschen och digitalisering på SONY-eventet ”Fitness Innovation Days”.

Info om eventet:

Join us for a full day of innovation in Fitness and Health.

Digital technologies open up for new experiences and business. As a gym operator, coach or fitness professional, knowledge about the possibilities and challenges are fundamental.

You´ll get a full day of keynotes, discussions, and exhibitions on new technologies, the connected member experience and how to make money in a digital world. Keynotes from industry professionals like:

Rory McGownGYMetrix – Know your data

Brian van den Brink, SweatyBusiness – The connected member

Kresten Juel JensenMotosumo  – Show me the money

Henrik Bengtsson, Advagym – Innovation in Strength and Cardio


Event starts with breakfast and coffee. Lunch will be served for participants.

This is by invitation only with limited seats. The event is open for Gym operators management and staff. Get in touch with one of our representatives or send us a mail at sales@advagymsolutions.com to sign up!


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